Sunday, March 07, 2010

Signal Cycles light duty 29" city bike for NAHBS 2010

My good friend Nate Meschke and his partner Matt Cardinal from Signal Cycles built this amazing bike for me around a vintage m730 XT parts kit and some WTB grease gaurd bits. They also took it to the North American Handbuilt Bikeshow two weekends ago in Richmond Virginia. Nate and I use to work together here in lincoln at the old Bike Pedalers. He then moved on to Portland with his wife Emily. Three years ago he and Matt Cardinal decided they needed to put their creative hats together and build some frames. They had asked me if i'd like to supply a parts kit for a show bike and hoped that it would be of the vintage MTB variety, and i was more than happy to help. I think that the finished product turned out pretty amazing! i can't wait to ride it, after i take of the slicks and put on some skinny 29" knobbies! Chris King himself even stopped by the booth to check out some of his old handiwork with the WTB/King headset. I definetly suggest that if you're in the market for a beautiful handbuilt lugged or fillet brazed frame, you check out and see what Nate and Matt can come up with for you! I also would like to thank Sean Chaney at vertigocycles as well for the custom Ti bar, and my good buddy Scott for polishing the salsa skewers!


Cornbread said...


len said...

pretty bike.

you gonna make it down to the ATX for next years?

greasyknuckles said...

hey len! yeah man, we are planning on driving down with bikes, and staying in your backyard, didn't tara tell you!

nate said...

sorry nate,i've decided to keep your bike. doesn't fit but it looks too good. let's get a bike going for peterson and mark.

greasyknuckles said...

so meschke, what say you get that bike shipped out right now or else! did they make it back from richmond? i'll work on eric and mark for you, see if we can get three signal's in lincoln!

len said...

she said I'm going to be sleeping in the back yard and you guys get the house.

Seriously though, we have a spare room and plenty of floor space. it'd be rad to have a crew make it down. y'all will be stoked on the riding.

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