Tuesday, August 25, 2009

both bikes setup waiting for the season to begin

The new Ibis CX bike waiting to get into the mix this year with the trusty Moots. Both bikes measure out the same and are setup fairly similar, for now though, the Ibis is running a 1/10 Dura Ace setup and the Moots has a traditional Dura Ace double cross setup 46/39 x 10 out back, this may change soon. I suppose it would make the most sense to have the Moots be setup with the 1/10 so it could handle the mud duty and run the double on the ibis for a drie setup, i'd way rather clean the Moots after a filthy race as the Titanium can take it. more to follow as i get more time on the bike and after the race wheels have arrived, thanks to Molly Cameron for the new Edge tubular wheels.

race bike for the 09/10 campaign

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ibis Handjob, back in action!

Check out the super trick TRP magnesium cantis with extra sweet barrel adjusters on the arms! Nice to set up as well.

Ibis Hakkalugi carbon CX rigs

One of two new Ibis Hakkalugi's built getting geared up for cross season, the frame/fork/seat collar weighed in at 3lbs!!