Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Night MWC L 'Eroica

Tonight, road bikes on gravel/pavement, 6pm meet at the blue step sculpture on the rock island trail just before hwy 2. The ride will leave at 6pm. This is a road bike ride that just happens to travel down some gravel and or dirt roads, come dig on some of that action. EDIT: photographic proof that this first event happened, as the FobFather and Conrad were the first two participants of the this event, Watch the blog for updates as to the next scheduled L'eroica MWC event.


MOD said...

What year again was it that Conrad was world champ? I forget.

greasyknuckles said...

the year they had the "i just road from my house all the way to the mill" championships, must have been round 89.

c_c_rider said...

hey man.. it's a PDM jersey from the 1990 (when rudy dhaenens won it in japan). i have my ride to the mill champ jersey somewhere... i'll have to bust it out.